Money Saving Tip – Frugal Hair Cuts

Written by: Julia McGuire
Hair cuts are available in a wide range of prices and settings. Some frugal families choose home hair cuts — for boys, a pair of clippers will give an easy buzzcut; a sharp pair of shears will give a straight trim for girls. As Trent at The Simple Dollar says, frugal people want three things: “a good haircut, a cheap price, and the ability to actually get an appointment.” Training schools are one way to achieve all three things for both basic cuts and styles that are more involved.
Ability to get an appointment. Getting an appointment is easy because people needing haircuts are always in demand for beauty school students.
A cheap price. ”Cheap” depends on your baseline. Compared to mid- and high end salons, beauty schools are cheap. Unless receiving a free haircut, hairstyling at strip malls and shopping malls are similar in price for some, but not all, services. Asking over the telephone (or visiting the school) is the best way to determine pricing.
A good haircut. Students are constantly supervised by, and consulting with, their instructors. If you are not satisfied with your hairstyle, the instructor is a licensed professional who will make all attempts to rectify the situation.
The experience. My family has visited two training salons three times over the last year. All included a wait that was comparable to professional salons. The main difference from a professional cut and style that we have noticed is the amount of time it takes to finish the appointment. Students at various points in their training will take a proportionate amount of time — someone experienced with your request will take a shorter time than someone with little or no experience.
The following area schools have published available services at their respective websites.
·         Aveda Institute
·         Iowa School of Beauty
Julia McGuire has been a coupon clipper for years and writes as the Des Moines Frugal Family Examiner at She hosts the Frugal Tuesday Tip every week, where bloggers from all over share their frugal ideas with the world.

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